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April 29, 2011

Time to Ditch the TSA?

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It seems the good old TSA just can’t seem to stay out of the news. For those of you that don’t know, Susie Castillo – a former Miss USA pageant winner – was another victim of the TSA. In the past couple of years, the TSA has introduced these enhanced pat-downs. They are done at random, for example: a 6 year old female child who was recently groped, elderly women, handicapped people in wheel chairs, and countless other potential terrorists (yes, that was a joke).

I don’t know about you, but when I’m flying on an airplane, the last groups of people that would ever cross my mind as a potential terrorist are: the elderly, young children, and handicapped people. I’m sorry if this surprises you, but a 6 year old child does not scare me and shouldn’t scare anyone. Just a side note, I thought we weren’t patting down anyone under 12? Oops, I guess the government forgot its own rules. I’m not sure how much more ridiculous this can get.

Castillo released a tearful video shortly after this incident occurred in the airport and has been uploaded to Youtube . Castillo is very obviously shaken up as a result of what happened and who wouldn’t be. Now maybe each time something like this happens, it gets blown out of proportion by the media. And if that’s the case, I’m glad! Every time one of these TSA agents screws up and oversteps their boundaries, it ought to be all over the news. If the TSA agents are not kept in line, they will continue to push boundaries. This is what happens with a big government and this is how progressivism works.

Imagine if 40 years ago, progressives pushed to get us where we are today in terms of government surveillance (I realize the technology didn’t quite exist then), invasion of privacy, economic turmoil, and government run healthcare for example in just a short amount of time – say a couple years. It wouldn’t have ever happened. People would be too awake. Progressives work by slowly pushing the boundaries, introduce a bill here, almost get it passed, reintroduce it again, slightly tweak it, finally get it passed with ‘bipartisan’ (there is no such thing as bipartisan, it’s all one party in case you haven’t learned that on ‘Dancing with the Stars’) support. The TSA is no different then the rest of the government.

The TSA will continue to introduce new invasive procedures. Does anyone else find it interesting that after the underwear bomber, we had these new back-scatter terahertz (THz) radiation scanners within a few months? A scanner such as this is not just magically invented within a few months. It takes several months to years for a product like these to be developed. It has to be designed, tested, redesigned, tested more, more redesign, put into development and eventually manufacturing to be built. In my opinion, these scanners have been around and the TSA just needed an excuse to put them in. Don’t believe me, think about this: when there was the attempted bombing with liquid chemicals, they started banning anything over 3.4 oz; someone hides something in their shoe, time to take our shoes off; so then someone hides something in their underwear, guess what – the government needs to see what you’re hiding in their too. Now what happens when a ‘terrorist’ plants a plastic pipe bomb up there, chemicals, drugs, or who knows what. Are we supposed to all bend over and get a rectal exam?

We’re already at the point now that when you’re getting groped by the TSA agent, you want to turn and cough and ask them if you have a hernia. Now the main problem is not the TSA, the terrorists, and it’s not the new security procedures — it’s the idea that out there exists a perfect security system in which no one will ever be harmed on a plane. In case you have drifted off to Eutopia, let me bring you back to the real world. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t exist. We could stop assaults, child abuse, and maybe other issues at home by placing security cameras in every house (progressives are nodding their head right now) as Congressman and Doctor Ron Paul once said. No one would obviously want that — I sure hope not anyway! Why is it then that we are all guilty until proven innocent when we board a plane? And don’t think for a second that this is going to stop with planes. The TSA already started screening people at the Superbowl this year. Oh yeah, that’s right, you’ll be getting checked for a hernia so often by the TSA, you might begin to develop chafing from the constant rub downs. This is what the TSA and government wants to move towards and if you can’t see the writing on the wall, then I can’t help you.

Let me ask another question — when was the last time you heard about the TSA stopping a terrorist attack? I don’t know if I have ever heard of one. Believe me, you would know because the media would be hyping it as much as the birth certificate issue. I just thought I would point that out that the TSA has really honestly done nothing. There have been several tests done in which the TSA has had as much as a 70% failure rate in detecting guns and knives. I’m not sure about you, but if someone said, “hey I’ve got this great new car to sell you, it runs great and starts 30% of the time.” Would you want to buy it? Probably not, but yet we all go through the security in the airports and continue on to the plane because we’re tricked into believing we’re so safe with the x-ray machines, the pat-downs, the metal detectors, and the body scanners. I’ll say this to, the list of items getting banned is constantly increasing because of ‘potential’ danger. Let me just remind you then that there are several capable people out there who you can kill you with their bare hands in seconds and not to mention how much of a deadly weapon something so innocent as a belt could become. So should we put everyone in handcuffs and make them sit on the planes in their underwear or be chained together? We’ll just be treated how they really want to treat us, like prisoners.

Oh but c’mon you say, it’s all about our safety and keeping you safe. Ahh yes, it always comes back to that word – safe. And safety for the ‘greater good’. Whenever you hear the phrase ‘greater good’ or something similar, run, and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. The only thing good about ‘greater good’ is well…nothing. The idea of greater good is a collectivist fallacy. What is good for you, is not good for me, or anyone else. Problems like this cannot be solved with a one-size fits all attitude. I honestly think the best way to solve this is by absolving the government of its security responsibilities.

Bringing in a private security company would run smoother, probably be more effective, and would not invade people’s privacy by violating the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Even if the airlines themselves ran their own security procedures, I guarantee the success rates would be much better than the TSA. Also, why aren’t the pilots armed and the cockpit door outfitted with Stanag 4569 Level II cockpit door or have armed Air Marshals. This goes back to the old gun debate. But I guarantee if you were a criminal, you would be doing much better in a city that has banned guns then one in which 1 in every 3 people is carrying a concealed weapon. You’ll think twice, maybe even more about trying to mug someone in a city that is pro-gun. Same with airplanes, you really think terrorists would try to overtake a cockpit if the pilots are armed or if we have Air Marshals are on every flight? Absolutely not, they would be deader than a doorknob. But our government already knows this. Instead they always choose to take the dumb route, the route that invades people’s privacies, takes away freedom and moves us towards their eutopian socialist society.

As you can see, this whole TSA groping has just gotten out of control and trust me this won’t be the last you hear of it. You will be seeing your favorite TSA agents at train stations, local malls, and maybe even movie theaters, who knows – one can only hope (so that we can be safe!…sarcasm). The TSA agents will continue to invade if U.S. citizens allow it to happen and progressives will gradually continue to push their agenda till you wake up one day and ask yourself “what the #$&@ happened to this country.” To Susie Castillo and the hundreds or thousands of other people who have been violated, I feel your pain and am saddened to live in a country that would subject its citizens to this kind of torture. But as Castillo pointed out, “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.”


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