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April 28, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Ahhh yes…the birth certificate. In case you’ve been living under a rock lately or a tsunami hit nuclear facility, you might have heard about this birth certificate issue related to our current president. Let’s take a stab at this from both sides, shall we?

First off, what do we know about this? Well, we know that back in 2008, it was believed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign started the issue of ‘where is the birth certificate?’ From there, it got picked up by Obama critics and the like. Now, according to his administration and campaign, he did release the birth certificate. While being questioned on it, Robert Gibbs explained it’s already been released and it’s a resolved issue. I think it’s safe to say we all know that was false because what was released was a piece of paper that looks like one of his daughters made up in Microsoft paint in their free time along the campaign trail. The certificate of live birth that was released while he was campaigning cannot even be used to get a driver’s license or passport. It is however interesting then, that almost 3 years later, theĀ  birth certificate or what we think is the birth certificate has been released–it still remains to be verified by experts.

Now I believe Obama largely ignored the whole birth certificate and “birther” issue because he has more important things to worry about like healthcare. While that might be the case, how hard is it for any of you or myself to release a copy of a birth certificate. I know exactly where mine is. I could have it released in one day. It only took Donald Trump about 2 days. Why did he wait so long? We hear that question all the time. Only Obama himself could answer that. I can’t even come up with a good reason why he would wait so long when it is required by the constitution when running for President of the United States of America. One possibility is that maybe by releasing it, he would be ‘giving in’ to the birthers and would like look they’re in control. Many thought, maybe there’s something on it that he was afraid would get out in the public–but all that’s on it is things we already know. Now as busy as Obama is playing golf, taking trips to India, Brazil, and Hawaii–one would think he could find 5 minutes of his time to release a copy of his birth certificate. Maybe I’m missing something here or some government policy that doesn’t allow it (which wouldn’t surprise me), but why did he have to go to the Hawaii Records to have it released. They also had to treat this as a special circumstance because supposedly not even Obama himself could have a copy of his birth certificate released. If this is true and this is how Hawaii’s birth certificate policies are run, then I don’t know how anyone from Hawaii who doesn’t have their birth certificate is able to work or run for public office (um…since you need you’re birth certificate and all…e.g. I-9 eligibility form and verification of U.S. citizenship). Next time you try applying for a job, just try to start working without a social security card, driver’s license (which requires a birth certificate), or birth certificate. My guess is you won’t get one day of work in.

Whether or not he was born in Hawaii isn’t the main part of the issue. It’s kind of like the BP oil spill, it’s not the fact that happened, it’s how it was handled. The way this birther issue was handled by his administration reflects that of the BP oil spill. If you’re being accused of something so easy to prove wrong, then prove it. Now we may be able to finally put this issue to rest unless we find out tomorrow–oops, you know that birth certificate, well…um…yea that’s the wrong one. Whatever the case, it has just given Donald Trump a boost by American voters and will undoubtedly get an even bigger increase in the polls. I think many people are still waiting for the college records to be released by Mr. Obama. Why did you spend a couple million dollars Mr. President to seal up your college records? C’mon, a couple bad grades won’t look that bad. Is there something in those records you don’t want your fellow American citizens to see? Well, let’s see if Mr. Trump can pull through on this one.


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