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April 4, 2012

Distractions from the Real Issues

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Do you ever find yourself reading the news headlines and then asking yourself — why is this in the news? That seems to happen quite often anymore. I think there are only a couple of good reasons as to why this happens, but it also proves to be a dangerous situation in detracting people from more important issues.

Being that this is a year with a presidential race, the notion of issues comes up a lot — the economy, jobs, taxes, infrastructure, spending, and on and on. There are less than 8 months until the presidential election but yet so few are talking about important issues. Everday the mainstream media seems to distract us by offering up headlines about things such as the Trayvon Martin case, the Kony 2012 video, and many other things that at the time may seem important but are really only an infinitesimal speck on the spectrum of importance. Let’s begin with a state of where we are at today.

We currently have a $15.59T debt, a 23% SGS unemployment rate (~8% as reported by the government), a 48.8% unemployment rate among teens, more than 6% inflation rate, 0.7 new and existing home sales ratio (compared to >2.2 in 2006), current spending rate of about $7 billion a month in Afghanistan alone, 46.2 million people at or below the poverty line, about 43 million people on food stamps, a current enacted budget of $3.79T with an approximate revenue of $2.469T, an infrastructure rated at a D-, and a current national gas price average of $3.899/gal. Are you starting to see what some of the more important issues are in this country financially and economically alone. There are tens of issues I could get into about the medical system, education, and many others. Taking a look at just those I mentioned, how can the media detract from these issues to tell us about mindless things that happen all the time and really have no effect on the rest of us.

You might think that the national debt, unemployment rate, housing problem, and others have no effect on you and you may be right — but if the current administration continues down this path — there’s no hope left. Our country is literally on its last leg. America is showing all the symptoms of complete failure, but yet we are trying to just treat the symptoms instead of the underlying cause of the problem (kind of similar to the way the modern medical system treats patients). Something such as the national debt can lead to a national security problem. What if China doesn’t want to buy more of our debt (which is currently $1.132T) and increased tensions arise between the U.S. and China or other countries that own our debt? Do you think we’ll ever be able to repay these countries back? We owe China and Japan together alone about as much money as the U.S. receives in income tax revenue in one year. It’s mathematically impossible for us to ever repay this. China and Japan must know this. No one in Washington or the mainstream media will address this though.

Are you aware that we have among the highest corporate tax in the world at about 38% + anywhere from 0 – 12% state tax? Who wants to open a business in this country? Do you want to hand away half of your money to the government with your business? I didn’t think so. For some reason, the federal government thinks this is exactly what companies want to do. Companies will continue to leave in droves because of outrageous corporate tax. If you really want to fix the economy — lower the corporate tax and give citizens a flat tax rate of about 17% or lower. You’ll grow the tax base because more people will be put back to work and more tax revenue will be accrued. The people in Washington know this though and the work to do the exact opposite.

The people in Washington, you have to realize, are not your friends by any means. They are only supporting the lobbyists and people who support their campaign funds. This is one of the biggest reasons people are calling for campaign funding reform, it would limit how much any one person or company can back a congressman, senator, or other elected federal government official.

It’s also about time we look at term limits. People should not sit in Washington for 30 plus years reaping the benefits and getting rich off of ‘serving the people’ — if you can call it that. They get the best health care and retirement plans but then give us socialized healthcare and the scam called social security. If social security were privatized, people would get a rate of return on it and have a much higher income when they retire. These congressman and senators who are in there for such a long time gain power and have the ability to twist younger congressman and senators arms into voting for what they want them to vote for. Congress is a big mess of just voting for whoever supports them the most in terms of campaign funds.

Here’s the problem with congress, every time they try to actually do something — lobbyists opposing it will complain. If you try to do something about illegal immigration, you get lobbyists such as the ACLU and other groups opposing it. If you try to do something about the food industry in requiring foods to be labeled if they’re GMO, groups such as Monsanto will lobby and oppose it. If you try to legalize drugs — prison companies would oppose it because they make an unbelievable amount of money from people being imprisoned for drugs. If the government tries to get some natural health cure approved, Big Pharma will opposite it and lobby against it. If someone tries to come out with an alternative energy form or a vehicle that gets gas mileage, it’ll never be approved because the oil industries would lose money.

So you have to look at who’s working behind closed doors and only looking out for their own best interests. It happens in every industry. The mainstream media will never look into this though. The MSM is just an extension of the federal government and never asks hard hitting questions or does any real investigations anymore. 30 or 40 years ago, it was a completely different story. I have to believe that we wouldn’t ever be in the situation we are now if the MSM did their job. If they actually reported on what our government was really doing if there was more transparency. It’s only through secrecy that the American people will blindly go along with what they want — whatever that may be.

So at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves — is what I’m seeing on the news right now important? Are there other things we should be more worried about if we really want to make a difference? If you agree that we need to focus on the real issues, then make it known. Tell your friends and family about the real issues, get their opinions. Then call or write to your representatives and senators and tell them that need to focus on getting a balanced budget and other important issues besides passing unconstitutional laws like the NDAA bill. But like I’ve already said, you and I both know it will never happen. There are too many corporate interests in everything the government tries to do. The only thing you and I can do is seek the truth and demand the truth — don’t just take the MSM’s word for it.


January 25, 2012

Presidential Debates and the State of the Union

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If you have been watching the debates this year, you might have wondered – why are they asking these questions? It seems the media is more concerned with candidates relationships then their stance on economics. What is the reason for this? Why does the media feel the need to dig into people’s past rather than look at their plans for the future?

The mainstream media, I believe, is at an all new low. I believe the trust in mainstream media has drastically decreased. People are turning to alternative media more and more because the spoon feeding they’re getting from the mainstream media does not suffice anymore. According to a Gallup poll last year, only about 45% of people have a “fair amount” or “great deal” of trust in the mainstream media. I’m surprised it’s even that high. The mainstream media has been caught in too many lies in the last few years, stretching the truth, or just ignoring issues that are too important to be skipped over.

When it comes to the debates, the mainstream media continues to ask these soft, nonsense questions. We need to stick to the real issues and focus on: deficit reduction, unemployment, infrastructure, education, foreign policy, drug war, federal reserve, and taxes among many others. We don’t need to ask about some candidates newsletters from 20 years ago, another candidate’s extra-marital affairs, or another’s alleged unfair business practices. It still amazes how the mainstream media misses the point and turns the debate into almost an American Idol of debates. The 2012 election has become a reality show like all others. With candidates slowly dropping out because of personal issues. Let’s drop the personal issue stuff and focus on the real issues.

We continue to focus on that candle burning in our house when the entire house is on fire. Put the large fire out and then worry about the candle. We continue to do things backwards. In case you didn’t see Obama’s state of the union address last night, here’s a little recap. He gave a wishlist of investing more into education, increasing taxes on individuals that earn more than $1M, taxing companies that move jobs overseas, giving tax cuts to companies who bring jobs back to here, and he talked about Osama Bin laden, that this is the first time troops are leaving Iraq, how the bailouts saved the auto industry, how many jobs were added, and on and on.

I agree with some of these things, however, the troops were scheduled to leave Iraq in December 2011 when Bush was in office. Increasing taxes on people that earn more than $1M only keeps people from getting rich, it doesn’t affect the people who are already rich like Obama. They can say they want to pay more taxes all they want because it only affects new income. We don’t know if the bailouts saved the auto industry simply because Ford wasn’t bailed out and they’re doing the best out of all three. Ford’s stock was near 0 three years ago, but it’s now around $13/share. Ford has significantly improved their business and last year was the first year they had a profit in years. GM and Chrysler are doing better, who did take the bailout, but is it because they took the bailout? I don’t think we’ll ever know. As far as jobs numbers, we can’t ever take the government’s word for it. Our government purposely lays people off and hires them the next day just to keep the jobs numbers up. They did it with all of the census workers in 2010 and I know this because I had a relative who worked for them and got laid off and rehired several times. I refuse to accept any employment numbers given to me by the government. Another example of this is with the unemployment number. The government does not include long-term discouraged unemployed people (>99 weeks without work) in their unemployment numbers. For some reason, they feel those people just didn’t look hard enough for a job so therefore they’re not counted.

My hope now is that for the next debate which is tomorrow night, that we can have a debate about real issues. Let’s stop trying to corner candidates on things they said years ago. Let’s outline a plan, how exactly do you plan on paying for x program and cut y agency. Candidates often throw out these ideas but they don’t give the ‘how’. I want to know the ‘how’. So let’s hope for the next debate, the media can focus on real issues and stop worrying about petty issues. I think Americans are tired of the nonsense. Let’s be professional, ask the tough questions, and strive to actually acquire the best candidate for the next president. I leave you with one last quote for those that are too good to participate in politics. Let this marinate in your head.

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” ~Plato

January 17, 2012

2012 GOP Race, the Fight to Save America, and Who I’m Voting For

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With the 2012 GOP race under way, Americans are subjected to the normal back and forth bantering among candidates and have a diminishing deadline to choose a handcrafted candidate. I will first come out and say that I am supporting Ron Paul 100%. You either probably screamed in joy or in pure, utter disgrace. Ron Paul is a love him/hate him kind of person to most people.

Let me explain why I support Ron Paul. Ron Paul is by far the most consistent candidate. He has not flip-flopped; he has continued to have the same stance on all issues for the last 20 years. He is a man of honor and morals. He is a proponent of the constitution. He is a proponent of America. He’s the greatest patriot running for president. He knows the constitution and he knows it well – I bet better than any other candidate running including our current president. He will fight for the people. Ron Paul was also right about the housing crisis. He correctly predicted it 5 years earlier in 2003. Ron Paul knows what he’s talking about.

Just a few years ago at the last election, I was like most people, I supported the mainstream guy or girl with an R next to their name — but something happened. I was introduced to this guy named Ron Paul. Until just a couple years ago, I had a barely even heard of Ron Paul — I didn’t know what his positions were on anything, where he was from, and what his plans were for this country. After losing my job because of the guy I supported in 2008, Senator John McCain, I wondered if there was anyone out there that is better.

After reading many books, articles, watching tv and online interviews, and listening to Ron Paul on the radio — I have become a huge supporter of him. I was slowly agreeing with him more and more and before I knew it, I realized I was a libertarian like Ron Paul. It’s a tough transition to realize that our government is corrupt, that the left and right are the same, and that the only way to change it is to get someone like Ron Paul into office.

All of the other candidates want to continue the wars, infringe upon American citizens’ rights, and grow the size of government. These things will not help our country to be more free, prosperous, and lower the unemployment rate. These are the important things in this country but unfortunately the mainstream media likes to overlook the important aspects and instead start fake arguments over petty issues. The mainstream media worries about putting a candle out when their entire house is on fire. We worry about taking a few billion out of the budget when we’re $15 trillion in debt (maybe more depending on when you read this).

The list of reasons why we need someone like Ron Paul is endless. One could go on and on about all the problems we are having in this country – drug wars, middle east wars overseas, big government, infringement of rights, increasing taxation, and just endless nonsense. We are slowly losing this country.

We need to support someone like Ron Paul if we want to get out of this recession anytime in the next few years. In 1920, there was a very bad recession. By 1921, the market and economy had rebounded. The reason why — the government stayed out of it. When a government starts tinkering with the economy, they place restrictions on various aspects that keep the economy from running like the well-oiled machine it could be. It’s kind of like plugging up one of the injectors on your car and being asked to drive faster and then being yelled at because your car is performing poorly. The government screws up something that works and then blames it on the people or industry they screwed up.

It’s very simple to decide which candidate you should support. All you have to do is ask yourself “who would the founders support?” The founders would simply reply “the one who supports freedom and the constitution.” See the founders knew that government could get out of control because they came from an out of control British monarchy. They did their best to protect us from a tyrannical government with the constitution but if the constitution is shredded then there’s nothing they can do to protect us any longer. So when they day comes to vote, who are you going to vote for — freedom and liberty or a more socialized America. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

April 28, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Ahhh yes…the birth certificate. In case you’ve been living under a rock lately or a tsunami hit nuclear facility, you might have heard about this birth certificate issue related to our current president. Let’s take a stab at this from both sides, shall we?

First off, what do we know about this? Well, we know that back in 2008, it was believed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign started the issue of ‘where is the birth certificate?’ From there, it got picked up by Obama critics and the like. Now, according to his administration and campaign, he did release the birth certificate. While being questioned on it, Robert Gibbs explained it’s already been released and it’s a resolved issue. I think it’s safe to say we all know that was false because what was released was a piece of paper that looks like one of his daughters made up in Microsoft paint in their free time along the campaign trail. The certificate of live birth that was released while he was campaigning cannot even be used to get a driver’s license or passport. It is however interesting then, that almost 3 years later, theĀ  birth certificate or what we think is the birth certificate has been released–it still remains to be verified by experts.

Now I believe Obama largely ignored the whole birth certificate and “birther” issue because he has more important things to worry about like healthcare. While that might be the case, how hard is it for any of you or myself to release a copy of a birth certificate. I know exactly where mine is. I could have it released in one day. It only took Donald Trump about 2 days. Why did he wait so long? We hear that question all the time. Only Obama himself could answer that. I can’t even come up with a good reason why he would wait so long when it is required by the constitution when running for President of the United States of America. One possibility is that maybe by releasing it, he would be ‘giving in’ to the birthers and would like look they’re in control. Many thought, maybe there’s something on it that he was afraid would get out in the public–but all that’s on it is things we already know. Now as busy as Obama is playing golf, taking trips to India, Brazil, and Hawaii–one would think he could find 5 minutes of his time to release a copy of his birth certificate. Maybe I’m missing something here or some government policy that doesn’t allow it (which wouldn’t surprise me), but why did he have to go to the Hawaii Records to have it released. They also had to treat this as a special circumstance because supposedly not even Obama himself could have a copy of his birth certificate released. If this is true and this is how Hawaii’s birth certificate policies are run, then I don’t know how anyone from Hawaii who doesn’t have their birth certificate is able to work or run for public office (um…since you need you’re birth certificate and all…e.g. I-9 eligibility form and verification of U.S. citizenship). Next time you try applying for a job, just try to start working without a social security card, driver’s license (which requires a birth certificate), or birth certificate. My guess is you won’t get one day of work in.

Whether or not he was born in Hawaii isn’t the main part of the issue. It’s kind of like the BP oil spill, it’s not the fact that happened, it’s how it was handled. The way this birther issue was handled by his administration reflects that of the BP oil spill. If you’re being accused of something so easy to prove wrong, then prove it. Now we may be able to finally put this issue to rest unless we find out tomorrow–oops, you know that birth certificate, well…um…yea that’s the wrong one. Whatever the case, it has just given Donald Trump a boost by American voters and will undoubtedly get an even bigger increase in the polls. I think many people are still waiting for the college records to be released by Mr. Obama. Why did you spend a couple million dollars Mr. President to seal up your college records? C’mon, a couple bad grades won’t look that bad. Is there something in those records you don’t want your fellow American citizens to see? Well, let’s see if Mr. Trump can pull through on this one.


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