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April 4, 2012

Distractions from the Real Issues

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Do you ever find yourself reading the news headlines and then asking yourself — why is this in the news? That seems to happen quite often anymore. I think there are only a couple of good reasons as to why this happens, but it also proves to be a dangerous situation in detracting people from more important issues.

Being that this is a year with a presidential race, the notion of issues comes up a lot — the economy, jobs, taxes, infrastructure, spending, and on and on. There are less than 8 months until the presidential election but yet so few are talking about important issues. Everday the mainstream media seems to distract us by offering up headlines about things such as the Trayvon Martin case, the Kony 2012 video, and many other things that at the time may seem important but are really only an infinitesimal speck on the spectrum of importance. Let’s begin with a state of where we are at today.

We currently have a $15.59T debt, a 23% SGS unemployment rate (~8% as reported by the government), a 48.8% unemployment rate among teens, more than 6% inflation rate, 0.7 new and existing home sales ratio (compared to >2.2 in 2006), current spending rate of about $7 billion a month in Afghanistan alone, 46.2 million people at or below the poverty line, about 43 million people on food stamps, a current enacted budget of $3.79T with an approximate revenue of $2.469T, an infrastructure rated at a D-, and a current national gas price average of $3.899/gal. Are you starting to see what some of the more important issues are in this country financially and economically alone. There are tens of issues I could get into about the medical system, education, and many others. Taking a look at just those I mentioned, how can the media detract from these issues to tell us about mindless things that happen all the time and really have no effect on the rest of us.

You might think that the national debt, unemployment rate, housing problem, and others have no effect on you and you may be right — but if the current administration continues down this path — there’s no hope left. Our country is literally on its last leg. America is showing all the symptoms of complete failure, but yet we are trying to just treat the symptoms instead of the underlying cause of the problem (kind of similar to the way the modern medical system treats patients). Something such as the national debt can lead to a national security problem. What if China doesn’t want to buy more of our debt (which is currently $1.132T) and increased tensions arise between the U.S. and China or other countries that own our debt? Do you think we’ll ever be able to repay these countries back? We owe China and Japan together alone about as much money as the U.S. receives in income tax revenue in one year. It’s mathematically impossible for us to ever repay this. China and Japan must know this. No one in Washington or the mainstream media will address this though.

Are you aware that we have among the highest corporate tax in the world at about 38% + anywhere from 0 – 12% state tax? Who wants to open a business in this country? Do you want to hand away half of your money to the government with your business? I didn’t think so. For some reason, the federal government thinks this is exactly what companies want to do. Companies will continue to leave in droves because of outrageous corporate tax. If you really want to fix the economy — lower the corporate tax and give citizens a flat tax rate of about 17% or lower. You’ll grow the tax base because more people will be put back to work and more tax revenue will be accrued. The people in Washington know this though and the work to do the exact opposite.

The people in Washington, you have to realize, are not your friends by any means. They are only supporting the lobbyists and people who support their campaign funds. This is one of the biggest reasons people are calling for campaign funding reform, it would limit how much any one person or company can back a congressman, senator, or other elected federal government official.

It’s also about time we look at term limits. People should not sit in Washington for 30 plus years reaping the benefits and getting rich off of ‘serving the people’ — if you can call it that. They get the best health care and retirement plans but then give us socialized healthcare and the scam called social security. If social security were privatized, people would get a rate of return on it and have a much higher income when they retire. These congressman and senators who are in there for such a long time gain power and have the ability to twist younger congressman and senators arms into voting for what they want them to vote for. Congress is a big mess of just voting for whoever supports them the most in terms of campaign funds.

Here’s the problem with congress, every time they try to actually do something — lobbyists opposing it will complain. If you try to do something about illegal immigration, you get lobbyists such as the ACLU and other groups opposing it. If you try to do something about the food industry in requiring foods to be labeled if they’re GMO, groups such as Monsanto will lobby and oppose it. If you try to legalize drugs — prison companies would oppose it because they make an unbelievable amount of money from people being imprisoned for drugs. If the government tries to get some natural health cure approved, Big Pharma will opposite it and lobby against it. If someone tries to come out with an alternative energy form or a vehicle that gets gas mileage, it’ll never be approved because the oil industries would lose money.

So you have to look at who’s working behind closed doors and only looking out for their own best interests. It happens in every industry. The mainstream media will never look into this though. The MSM is just an extension of the federal government and never asks hard hitting questions or does any real investigations anymore. 30 or 40 years ago, it was a completely different story. I have to believe that we wouldn’t ever be in the situation we are now if the MSM did their job. If they actually reported on what our government was really doing if there was more transparency. It’s only through secrecy that the American people will blindly go along with what they want — whatever that may be.

So at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves — is what I’m seeing on the news right now important? Are there other things we should be more worried about if we really want to make a difference? If you agree that we need to focus on the real issues, then make it known. Tell your friends and family about the real issues, get their opinions. Then call or write to your representatives and senators and tell them that need to focus on getting a balanced budget and other important issues besides passing unconstitutional laws like the NDAA bill. But like I’ve already said, you and I both know it will never happen. There are too many corporate interests in everything the government tries to do. The only thing you and I can do is seek the truth and demand the truth — don’t just take the MSM’s word for it.



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  2. It is a well-written and interesting article. I have enjoyed reading it.

    You stated: ” but if the current administration continues down this path — there’s no hope left.”

    My response too that is: “If the Conservatives are swept into power and implement the things they have been proposing, it will most certainly be a national disaster.” And,Oh by the way– the Mainstream Media is the Media that the whole civilized world looks to for its news…not the contrived myth information Media hype fabricated by the Far Right for its own comfort and agenda.

    You said: “Here’s the problem with congress, every time they try to actually do something — lobbyists opposing it will complain.”

    My response to that is: “Everytime this Congress has tried to actually do something, the obstructionist Conservatives who have vowed to see that Obama is a one term President (The Party of No, Nothing and Nonsense) stands squarely in the way of any progress. It is mindless,

    But I do like your blog.

    Comment by americanliberaltimes — April 13, 2012 @ 6:06 am

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    Comment by acid amino — April 14, 2012 @ 11:37 pm

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