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January 25, 2012

Presidential Debates and the State of the Union

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If you have been watching the debates this year, you might have wondered – why are they asking these questions? It seems the media is more concerned with candidates relationships then their stance on economics. What is the reason for this? Why does the media feel the need to dig into people’s past rather than look at their plans for the future?

The mainstream media, I believe, is at an all new low. I believe the trust in mainstream media has drastically decreased. People are turning to alternative media more and more because the spoon feeding they’re getting from the mainstream media does not suffice anymore. According to a Gallup poll last year, only about 45% of people have a “fair amount” or “great deal” of trust in the mainstream media. I’m surprised it’s even that high. The mainstream media has been caught in too many lies in the last few years, stretching the truth, or just ignoring issues that are too important to be skipped over.

When it comes to the debates, the mainstream media continues to ask these soft, nonsense questions. We need to stick to the real issues and focus on: deficit reduction, unemployment, infrastructure, education, foreign policy, drug war, federal reserve, and taxes among many others. We don’t need to ask about some candidates newsletters from 20 years ago, another candidate’s extra-marital affairs, or another’s alleged unfair business practices. It still amazes how the mainstream media misses the point and turns the debate into almost an American Idol of debates. The 2012 election has become a reality show like all others. With candidates slowly dropping out because of personal issues. Let’s drop the personal issue stuff and focus on the real issues.

We continue to focus on that candle burning in our house when the entire house is on fire. Put the large fire out and then worry about the candle. We continue to do things backwards. In case you didn’t see Obama’s state of the union address last night, here’s a little recap. He gave a wishlist of investing more into education, increasing taxes on individuals that earn more than $1M, taxing companies that move jobs overseas, giving tax cuts to companies who bring jobs back to here, and he talked about Osama Bin laden, that this is the first time troops are leaving Iraq, how the bailouts saved the auto industry, how many jobs were added, and on and on.

I agree with some of these things, however, the troops were scheduled to leave Iraq in December 2011 when Bush was in office. Increasing taxes on people that earn more than $1M only keeps people from getting rich, it doesn’t affect the people who are already rich like Obama. They can say they want to pay more taxes all they want because it only affects new income. We don’t know if the bailouts saved the auto industry simply because Ford wasn’t bailed out and they’re doing the best out of all three. Ford’s stock was near 0 three years ago, but it’s now around $13/share. Ford has significantly improved their business and last year was the first year they had a profit in years. GM and Chrysler are doing better, who did take the bailout, but is it because they took the bailout? I don’t think we’ll ever know. As far as jobs numbers, we can’t ever take the government’s word for it. Our government purposely lays people off and hires them the next day just to keep the jobs numbers up. They did it with all of the census workers in 2010 and I know this because I had a relative who worked for them and got laid off and rehired several times. I refuse to accept any employment numbers given to me by the government. Another example of this is with the unemployment number. The government does not include long-term discouraged unemployed people (>99 weeks without work) in their unemployment numbers. For some reason, they feel those people just didn’t look hard enough for a job so therefore they’re not counted.

My hope now is that for the next debate which is tomorrow night, that we can have a debate about real issues. Let’s stop trying to corner candidates on things they said years ago. Let’s outline a plan, how exactly do you plan on paying for x program and cut y agency. Candidates often throw out these ideas but they don’t give the ‘how’. I want to know the ‘how’. So let’s hope for the next debate, the media can focus on real issues and stop worrying about petty issues. I think Americans are tired of the nonsense. Let’s be professional, ask the tough questions, and strive to actually acquire the best candidate for the next president. I leave you with one last quote for those that are too good to participate in politics. Let this marinate in your head.

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” ~Plato


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